Self-Assessment Toolkit – COVID 19

An attempt to decrease the pressure on the Public Health Authorities, by promoting self-assessment among Community.

COVID-19 Survey

An initiative to collate the opinions of the Community, in the current & evolving scenario of COVID 19. Thus interpreting the data in policy interpretation terms.
Community Risk Perception Survey Report
Frontline Workers Survey Report


The Solutions have been designed according to the need of the hour in response to COVID 19 by strengthening our healthcare system from local to state to national level.

Hospital Operational Preparedness Programme (HOPE) Health Sector Emergency Preparedness and Planning (HSEPP)
Risk Communication and Community Engagement COVID 19

Risk Communication and Community Engagement Programme for ASHA/ AWW/ ANM is an effective plan for communicating effectively with the public, engaging with the targeted communities, local partners and other stakeholders to help prepare and protect individuals.

Social Listening System on COVID 19

An innovative approach to keep an ear to the ground by collecting periodic opinions from targeted communities in order to clear bottlenecks from the existing healthcare and community response system, in addition to curbing the rumour and fake news menace.

"We all stand united in fight against COVID 19."