Project MAA – Medical Aid & Application

A futuristic medical aid and IOT based device that makes first aid affordable and approachable every time, everywhere and for everyone. The aim is to create an interactive First-Aid module which is AI enabled and communicates with a person based on standard and approved algorithms that improves itself through machine learning for widening its application, language database and functionalities by providing guidance to deal with the emergency in the most effective manner.


BEAT - Basic Emergency-care & AED Training

The programme plan is that the BEAT initiative is under the banner of Project MAA – Medical Aides and Application. The BEAT initiative has the following components under the ACE (Aesthetic / Cost effective / Environment friendly) methodology which include:

  • G1 Mannequins
  • AED devices
  • BEAT communication mobile application
  • BEAT Web Landing Page
  • BEAT Training Force
  • BEAT Installation / Delivery mechanism

Organogram for Innovoidea Pvt. Ltd.