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Industrial Safety (INDUS)

(Holistic DRR strategies and framework creation for Factories & Industries, Survey Audit & HRVC Analysis, Workforce morale & Skill Enhancement)

Unlike natural disasters like cyclones, floods, tsunamis, Industrial Disasters are evitable, and hence is the concept of 'zero tolerance' as the standard for disaster prevention. However, human errors – operational dimensions and availability of relevant information during various phases of disaster management have emerged as critical areas of concern. Proper decisions starting from site selection, public participation in clearances, Industrial Layout Planning, Disaster Mitigation Measures, on-site and off-site emergency coordination planning play key roles in furthering the objectives of a comprehensive framework of disaster management in any Industry.

IDEA conducts workshop that are generic, and can be adapted to different types of Industrial hazards.

INDUS includes :

1.Introduction to Chemical (Industrial) Disaster Management
2.Legal and Institutional Framework on Chemical Disasters
3.Hazardous and Toxic Chemicals
4.Tools and Techniques in Chemical Disaster Management
5.Preparedness and Response in Chemical Emergencies

We also provide :

1.Implementation of GHS
2.Mapping of Major Accidental Hazards units
3.Identification of Major Locations for interventions
4.Development of Exposure Risk Management
5.Mapping of Major Chemicals (Procured and Transmitted)
6.First Responder Training
7.Healthcare providers Sensitization at nearby health facilities
8.Public Information management
9.Industrial Toxicology and Hygiene Promotion
10.Response Planning
11.EOC development (Data center and crisis information management)

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