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Hospital Safety Mobile Application


Hospital Safety Mobile Applications previous version was launched in 2017. It was regarded as one of the 10 best practices by WHO SEARO in the field of Hospital Safety This mobile application provides comprehensive information regarding Hospital Disaster Preparedness and Planning to create smarter, greener & resilient Hospitals. It also assists in developing the Hospital Disaster Management Plan (HDMP).

Its updated version was launched on January 26, 2021 to mark the 20th anniversary of the Gujarat Earthquake It contains a range of innovative and customisable solutions that aids you and your hospital staff to learn, assess and prepare with regards to risk posed by several hazards.

Salient Features of the Application

A First Ever Mobile Application on “HOSPITAL SAFETY“

1. Structural and Nonstructural components of hospital
2. Prepare Hospital Disaster Management Plan
3. Analyses the gaps to work upon for Safety.
4. Hospital Triage,
5. Life and Fire safety measures,
6. CBRN Preparedness,
7. Mock drills
8. Checklist to avoid operational failures
9. Training modules
10. As per the NDMA, Hospital Safety guidelines
11. Best of Human and technological interface is being integrated for safety of our healthcare facilities and enhance humanitarian medical response.



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