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About Us

We are an organization founded by a group of intellectual enthusiasts who work in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction, Healthcare Resilience, Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Planning with an approach of streamlining the policies and guidelines. IDEA believes in making it happen in a functional and practical way. Our training and capacity building wing rolls out Hospital Disaster Preparedness, District and State Level Planning for Health Resilience and University level collaborations for Training.

We bring to you innovative solutions that can help the community become equipped with disaster management techniques to build ‘SAFE, SMART AND RESILIENT INDIA’. With this vision, we collaborate with various NGOs, academic institutions, Government and Non-Government institutions looking to serve the same purpose.

IDEA is shifting from the old definitions of emergency response and preparedness leading to development, these approaches were considered as different interventions. Instead, our new models integrate Disaster Risk Reduction with Climate Change Adaptation, Smart Cities and Sustainable Development. IDEA is framing the means of implementation of Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction in South Asia and suggests a road map for achieving the global targets in the specific contexts of the region.

IDEA's endeavor to reduce disaster risk is built on the knowledge and experience of countries and other stakeholders over the past several decades. Before disaster strikes, IDEA aims to fortify the society to make sure that people understand how they and their families can reduce their vulnerability to disasters.

With our Elite expertise in Disasters, Healthcare and Medical Preparedness, IT-based solutions, Comprehensive Road Safety, GeoInformatics, Hospital Safety, E and App-based Learning and many more and through our presence in around 14 states, wide project implementation experience, academic partnerships and a young and strong team of IDEANS, we are working to make ‘Resilient India’. With a motto to serve humanity and channelizing the positivity of life into something innovative and helpful with us, we can assure you can
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“Indulge with Desire, Emerge through Action”.

  • It’s time to reRISE for Nature for a better tomorrow
  • It’s time to reINVENT our Actions for Nature
  • It’s time to reMOVE i from our actions
  • To build “REsilient” Future for all by taking REaltime decisions
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